Los Angeles

Posted by: L Cooper

My review is coming from a tourist's perspective from 5 consecutive years that my best friend and I have been coming down here. We come to go to concerts, not really to vacation like other tourists do. In fact we more consider ourselves visitors more than anything. I can't really blame the city of Los Angeles on this one, however, the smog made me sick. It was really awful this year. The transit system is bad but cheap. Everything on the map that we wanted to get to was in theory close but the transit is terrible for getting around. Driving is worse. No one checks right first before turning. Peter and I almost got hit a few times. Hollywood is a filthy place in general. People on the Hollywood strip are pushy either soliciting aggressively to have a picture taken with them in costume or some aspiring rap artist trying to push their CD on you. I met some nice people but the majority are rude as f***. Maybe it's just me. I've met some awesome folks but the service industry needs a make over. The saving grace is the food scene. Hollywood smells like piss and there are tons of homeless people. It's all smoke and mirrors in a smoggy town. As mentioned I only come here for shows not really to "vacation".