The city that never sleeps!

New York

Posted by: L Cooper

The City That Doesn't Sleep!! Man, I can never tire NYC!! Always something to do, places to see, and lots of foodies to keep my tummy feelin.. hmmm...hmmm... good! I've been to NYC many times, and each time, it always feels like the first time. My latest visit here was all business, but I managed to pull a quick taste of quick bites, and managed to get out and take a few pics here there. Though, if you have more time, I'd recommend to checkout NYC awesome Kosher foods. I'm a big fan of Matzoh balls and a spankin, homestyle Reuben Sandwich. You can only get it NYC!! They have the best!! If there's one thing I"d like to see over and over again, definitely I'd recommend Time Square and Central Park! Lots of really cool things to see there, if anything else, just enjoy the Urban culture of NYC! Until then, Cheers! ~ :p