Mt. Fuji

I was told October is the best time to visit Japan since you lose the crowds and humidity of summer, and that the weather is cooling down. Upon my arrival in Japan, I was glad to have come during the time of year I did. The weather wasn't bad at all! Hence when we set out to visit Mt. Fuji, I was delighted that the weather was decent. After leaving Tokyo and making our way along the scenic freeways, we found ourselves at Kawaguchiko Staiton in Yamanashi and made our way to the 5th Step of Mt. Fuji, which is almost near the top of the famous cone that has become a symbol of Japan. ended up being cloudy and we couldn't see the summit from the 5th Station. Although the clouds broke briefly here and there, we didn't end up seeing the summit. BUT....that's alright!! It didn't matter. We were there. It was magical and just being there was enough for me. The fall colors were out in full force and the crowds weren't too bad. So as they say, sometimes it's not the destination that matters but the journey. The journey we had on Mt. Fuji was amazing! I feel blessed to have set foot here. Make it a priority while in Japan to head out here. If in Tokyo, you can catch a bus from the Shinjuku Main Bus Terminal, and while reservations are accepted, we just walked up and bought our ticket at the counter. Make sure you get off at Kawaguchiko Station.

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