Las Vegas


What can I say about my 4th home away from home, lol. I lived here for a good few years back when I was still in elementary, and I've had my fair share of memories. In the day, it was always a bit more quiet, at least in my neighborhood it was. The houses were all pretty much the same, if not with a few minor changes here and there. This is the place for tourists to go and throw away their monies on the casino, hotels, shows, buffets, etc. This is the place where you can find loads of stripper calling cards, and this is the place where you'll always see flashing lights at night. This is the place where you can awkwardly and unintentionally find porn on the tv in several motels and inns. This is the place where you have to try a Fat Tuesday. Some places that I recall going to often are Circus Circus, the Sahara, Rio, Mandalay Bay, The Sunset, etc. Loads of places that I cant seem to recall at the moment. This is the place with THE HOTTEST SUMMERS and the COLDEST WINTERS. Cant stress that enough. What I didnt like about living here was the school system. Dear gohd, elementary students had year long schools, which meant that I had class on my own birthday in the summer. Otherwise, you gotta stop by :} Viva Las Vegas!

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