I love you more and more

After 12 years I returned to Seattle and loved it even more than the last time. I suppose when I was 12 years younger I didn't appreciate how clean and how beautiful of a city Seattle was and is. It's cold weather is no match for its warm embrace. THe city is filled with character and Seahawks fans. There was plenty to do, plenty to see and especially plenty to eat! If you love the rain, don't mind the cold, you might fall in love with this place. There's pike place, the space needle, live streets and Rachel the pig. Not too far from the city you can visit the well-known University of Washington, I recommend checking out the main quad. There's also plenty of wonderful restaurants and tea spots. If you want to take a hike, no pun intended, there's plenty of green, wild rivers, treehouses and nature trail just east. Want to hit the slopes and experience some cold snow, Mount. Rainier is just south. Seattle, is a culture of good foods, good fish and bold personality. One thing I especially loved about this place is it's willingness to embrace green sustainability. Being conscious of our world, reducing waste, preserving natural resources, this is something we all have to do. It's great to see this city march forward as one of the pioneers in the sustainability movement. There wasn't a dull movement while visiting, I only wish I had more time to explore and visit friends and family, but I assure you this isn't the last time I'll be in the great Northwest!

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